Super Dare of 2020

Super Dare of 2020

Do you love school life or college life?

What is your Favorite dessert?

What do you prefer: credit card or cash?

What is more important to you?

What are you good at?

Can you keep a secret?

Which one do you like?

How you like to be greeted when you meet someone for the first time

You would like to watch...

Do you prefer rain or snow?

Which one will you choose?

Which one will you choose

What would you rather choose?

What did you wanted to be when you were a kid

What’s your pick: pen or pencil?

What do you Like

Which time do you like?

What is Your idea of a perfect evening

Which one do you like: beard or shaved?

Which one you Drink Most

What do you use the most?

Do you like Cake or Pie?

What would you prefer?

In which subject you're best

What is your Favourite Ice-Cream?

Would you rather watch…?

What do you prefer as a gift on your birthday

What Would You Choose

What do you like the most?

What exercise do you like?

Do you like an Android phone or iPhone?

Do you like veg or non-veg?

Which type of shopping do you like?

Which type of wedding do you like

How do you like to Click Pictures

What Is Your Sleeping Style

What type of games do you like?

Which of these describe your character

If you get an opportunity for an adventurous journey, who would you prefer

How you like to travel in your day to day life?

What would you drink?

Which one will you choose?

What would you choose?

If your house is on fire, what is the one thing you will take with you?

What type of weather do you prefer?

What do you prefer?

Do you like singing or dancing?

If you win a lottery what will you buy?

What do you put in WhatsApp status often

What kind of hair do you like?

What is your favorite drink?